“The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has insight draws them out.”

– Proverbs 20:5

I have seen some amazing “why’s” that have come out of nowhere and have gotten people through the worst of times. And sometimes, the “why” is disgust! Has disgust ever driven you to move your life in a positive direction? It is true that some people are motivated by justice. And others are motivated by love — the need for a better life for their children, their spouse, or even their parents. In some cases, people are driven by a need to prove something to someone who has wronged them, and feel it is their duty to do so. Or the need could be to prove your parents wrong about the dream you have.
As you know, there are a million ways and reasons that can help you overcome your obstacles. However, there is a reason that so many people use that will never get them to their dream, and that reason is: vanity. In the Bible, it says, “Those who observe lying vanities forsake their own mercy.” It means if you only care about attention, praise, flattery, or how people perceive you on social media, you will not be able to overcome your obstacles. These outward actions won’t sustain you through the hard times and you’ll give up early.

Friend, when it comes to your dreams, you can always ask yourself: Why am I doing this? Why are you going to push through all of the challenges and give up the time you could have spent relaxing or doing something else? It’s a good “why” when it’s for your family, friends or others, and as you position yourself in that space, you’ll be able to make it through. Keep the faith and hold on to your amazing “why’s”!


Father, assist me in focusing on my amazing “why” as I move past challenges.


How would you describe your amazing “why”? What can you do to keep this in focus?

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  1. My why is more to when, as why not now? Waiting for the right time seems to need a motivation to get started. Till then it’s like you said
    “disgusting” played the big role in the achievement of my obstacle. I thank you Bobby and the hour of power for these devotionals, sometimes it’s a realty check on what happened that day or what to be prepared for to come. Because I start working at 5:00 am till finished so I read this when I get home and weekends off.

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