“Jesus replied, ‘What is impossible with man is possible with God.’”

– Luke 18:27

Today, I want to convince you that anything is possible in your life if you’re doing it with God. Above all, I want you to believe one simple thing: that if you do life with Jesus, He can do anything with you! God loves to do impossible things with improbable people and to take imperfect individuals and accomplish amazing feats for His Kingdom. In fact, I am fully convinced that if you live by faith, He is going to do tremendous things in your life. Although it’s easy to get to a dark place and to think that God’s done with you, mad at you, that your life is over, or that your future is bleak, I want to affirm in you a belief that with the Lord, something better is always ahead! His word for you today is that new things are coming, and I believe those things are going to be good.

Although it wasn’t always natural for me, I’ve become a possibility thinker; the kind I heard about from my Grandpa Schuller as I was growing up. I have developed into a person who believes that seeing a world where anything is possible makes me smarter, more successful, and believe it or not, more moral. This is because happy, grateful, and joyful people love others well and endure suffering better than everybody else. Doesn’t that sound too good to be true?

Friend, the root of all possibility thinking and all positivity is in the knowledge of the Word of God! When you take to heart the truth that nothing is impossible with Jesus and put your full faith in His promises, you will soar to heights that you couldn’t have imagined. His power is unlimited and nothing can keep you from walking in it…except you. You are your biggest limitation, and fear is your greatest enemy. Choose to live in the reality that nothing is impossible with Jesus and your life will be truly transformed. As a result, you will experience joy, hope and victory like you never have before! Isn’t that great news?


Jesus, I pray that you would tear down my walls of fear and teach me to expect great things. May I never forget that nothing is impossible with you!


Do you live in the reality that anything is possible with God? If not, which fears hold you back?

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3 Responses

  1. I watch the Hour of Power here in Canada, Newfoundland and Labrador every Sunday at 1 pm our time. Would you please add my husband and I, son Shawn & Klara their children and son Stephen & Sabrina and their child.
    For some under know reason to us, they are not talking to us or emailing us.
    At this time of year, it is most painful for me and to just get thru the Christmas Season.
    As I am writing this, I have not put up even the wreath for the four Sundays leading up to Christmas day.
    God Bless
    Thank You

    1. We are praying for you and your family, Sandra!

      “Jesus, we thank you that you are a God of unity, restoration and reconciliation. We pray over Sandra’s family right now and we ask that you would bring your peace and comfort to her and her husband in this season. Thank you for restoring communication and for working everything out according to your perfect will and plan. Please hold them close today and in the days to come; may they sense your presence and know how much you love them. Amen!”

      In His Love,
      Bobby & Team

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