Ask For Heavenly Treasures

“God said to Solomon, ‘Since this is your heart’s desire and you have not asked for wealth, possessions or honor, nor for the death of your enemies, and since you have not asked for a long life but for wisdom and knowledge to govern my people over whom I have made you king, therefore wisdom and knowledge will be given you. And I will also give you wealth, possessions and honor, such as no king who was before you ever had and none after you will have.’ ”

– 2 Chronicles 1:11,12

Today I have a compelling case study for you as we continue looking at how to develop Heavenly treasures right here on earth! Solomon had been chosen as the successor of King David, the great king of Israel. When Solomon was transitioning as king, God visited him with the following statement: “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” Solomon asked for wisdom, one of the most valuable heavenly treasures.  

Solomon’s request for wisdom makes me wonder if God was surprised. God told him that He would give him wisdom because he didn’t ask for material blessings, money, or even the defeat of his enemies. Not only did God make him the wisest person in the world, but He also granted Solomon money, victory, and defeat of his enemies. Those magnificent promises were fulfilled.

Friend, Scripture tells us that Solomon became incredibly wealthy, powerful, and healthy. As an achiever, he built one of the greatest temples in human history, the temple King David wanted to build but was not able to. Solomon’s wisdom was sought after by great queens, kings, and leaders from around the world. In many ways, everything he shared with them helped and benefited them. Today you can make this your aim to not only grow in heavenly treasures but to share your heavenly treasures with others, to the benefit of all mankind!


Father, above all material possessions, I ask you to grant me wisdom.


What are your heavenly treasures? What have you done to share them with others?

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2 Responses

  1. I’ve been an Eagle member for a number of years and love tuning in to the service. It comforts my soul.
    Thanks Pastor Bobby and Hannah. Your so great, Love you.
    Please pray for me and my daughter, family, friends, and all who suffer. God bless you always.

  2. To Pastor Bobby and family. We pray for wisdom and for fruit from your ministry. God protect and bring unspeakable joy daily to this loving family. Bring healing and gifts. Let all who worship with this ministry world wide partner with them financially so that they lack nothing. Bless your people Lord Jesus and body of Christ to go forward boldly and confidently to share your love with our neighbour’s. Thank you.

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