“For we know that if the earthly tent we live in is destroyed, we have a building from God, an eternal house in heaven, not built by human hands.”

– 2 Corinthians 5:1

A friend of mine sent me a video, and as is usual these days, it started with a commercial. The first shot was of a man and woman in their mid-thirties staring at a screen with saxophone music playing in the background, and it had a kind of salacious feel. When it came on, I was wondering if it was going to be appropriate, but it turns out it was an ad for Zillow, and the couple was drooling over houses they might buy if they lived somewhere more affordable. While to some, purchasing a home does not seem like a fantasy, to those of us who live in locations like California or New York, it can feel out of reach. Hannah and I rent our house, and we dream of owning one some day, but it’s difficult in Orange County. That said, I think that during COVID, a lot more people got in touch with a longing to have their own four walls, and that’s why so many uprooted and moved to places like Texas, North Carolina, and Florida. There’s an innate yearning in every human being to have a dwelling they can abide in without the worry of being displaced. In fact, I believe this desire is part of God’s design. We are made to crave peace and safety, and the Lord speaks of it frequently in the Old Testament. The Jews were always looking for a place to put down roots, yet every time they did, they were conquered, displaced, and forced to shift. You see, as much as we want security and sameness in this life, unexpected circumstances are certain. The earth is constantly in flux, and that’s why we must remember that Jesus has given us a home that can’t be shaken. In Him, we have a permanent inheritance, and one day, when we lay our earthly tent down, we will finally have our dream house!

My friend, if you’re feeling discouraged or discontent with where you live, your Savior beckons you to let Him be your true home. Wherever you are on this earth, He is with you, and His presence is a shelter from the storm. Though you may never dwell in a palace built by human hands, your good Father is the King of Creation, and He will be with you every hour of every day until He ushers you to the glorious estate He’s prepared for you on the other side of Heaven.


Jesus, thank you for being my heart’s true home. Teach me to be content as I abide in you.


Are you at peace with where you live in this season? If not, how does it help to know that the Lord is your eternal and unshakable home?

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