I Feel The Need. The Need for the Creed.

In today’s society, we are constantly bombarded with all kinds of messages, whether they’re coming from our flat-screen TV, social media or the internet. Self-help articles and inspirational sayings are all around us. Interestingly, the constant flood of information has the opposite effect of what advertisers and gurus are trying to achieve. The intent of well-meaning individuals is lost because our minds are overloaded, so we’re actually absorbing very little. 

Having said that, wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a way you could focus on one thing a day that could change your life for the better? Well my friend, such a thing exists! It’s a short prayer that you can say every day and, in my humble opinion, will limit the need to seek and digest the multitude of messages that appear daily from every angle. You will be filled with the Holy Spirit and in turn, feel secure and serene in your thoughts. 

The daily dose I’m referring to is the Creed of the Beloved. I have written an entire book about it, called You Are Beloved; I’ve done a sermon series on it, and I preach on its principles quite often. It has helped me a great deal in my life. If you really focus on each line and implement its powerful wisdom, this is a prayer that can absolutely change the way you go about your day! It will help you to be mindful of the things that truly matter in life. And in doing so, it will not only transform you, but it can work through you to positively impact others! As a refresher, here it is:

Creed of the Beloved

I’m not what I do. I’m not what I have. I’m not what people say about me. I am the beloved of God. It’s who I am. No one can take it from me. I don’t have to worry. I don’t have to hurry. I can trust my friend Jesus and share His love with my neighbor. 

The Creed is truly at the heart of what we do as a ministry — that we value and love people just as they are, not as they “should be.” It’s exactly how God loves and values us, too! The Creed is so simple, yet so poignant. Keep in mind that we absolutely can dive deep into each and every line to uncover the profound and Biblical meaning behind it. But overall, the theme here is LOVE and belonging. It’s really what we all want, isn’t it? In 1 John 4:16 it states:
“And so we know and rely on the love God has for us. God is love. Whoever lives in love lives in God, and God in them.” We already have unconditional love from God, so in turn, we can start with loving God, loving ourselves, and loving our neighbors. No matter who you are, it’s the human condition to crave love, receive love and give love. When we love God our Father first, and trust our friend Jesus, the rest just falls into place!

Pondering the Power of Love

In thinking about love, we can meditate on its deep meaning and surround ourselves in its beauty. We can wholeheartedly change the way we love ourselves and others by immersing our minds in Godly teachings and prayer. And friend, there’s no better time than right now. In fact, I always say the four seasons represent new beginnings. So, this fall when you’re drinking your coffee or tea for warmth in the morning, please take a moment to read the Creed of the Beloved. Let it pour out its wisdom that you ARE the beloved of God, so you don’t have to worry and you don’t have to hurry. And as you’re finishing your last few sips, contemplate the deeper meaning of each line and how it will encourage you throughout the day. Think about how you can show God’s love to those around you. 

Friend, allow the simplicity of the Creed of the Beloved to guide you in your daily tasks and help you to have faith, give grace to others, and experience the wondrous joy of life itself. I’m so encouraged by testimony after testimony of people who say praying and believing in the Creed helped them infuse the word of God into their hearts. I thank the Lord for YOUR walk with Him and for the way it consistently blesses and uplifts me. 

God loves you and so do I!

Bobby Schuller

Coffee Talk

“When church on Sunday feels like you’re chatting over coffee with your pastor, it’s a good indication you’ve found the right place. “I love Bobby’s preaching style,” said Mindy Allen, a long-time viewer from Arvada, Colorado. “He’s so comfortable and natural up there and it’s like he’s speaking to me as if we’re having coffee together.” She added, “He may talk about the troubles of this world, but he always brings his sermons back to ‘this is how you can get through life, knowing that God loves you more than anything,’ and that helps me rest easy.”

Mindy gave her life to Christ after she discovered the National Presbyterian Church in Washington, DC, while studying marketing at Marymount University in Virginia. She has been a faithful follower of Hour of Power for 45-plus years, via her parents watching it, and said the ministry brought her a “constant comfort” as she navigated through life. “I had a negative influence growing up, but Chritianity taught me we have a choice. We can choose to be positive or we can be negative, but life is too short to be negative.”

She was excited to share the fact that she made it on TV in the 80s when she and her mother traveled across the country for the Women’s Conference when Hour of Power was broadcast from the Crystal Cathedral. Mindy and her husband of 43 years, Sam (pictured above), are regular donors to the ministry. “I feel so unworthy sometimes how God can love us sinners and I feel like giving back to the church is a way of giving back to God for all His grace and blessings.” She added, “Also, I want to support the
church so that more people can know the Lord.”

Other viewer’s lives are being touched by the grace of God:

“I truly appreciate how Bobby and Hannah have kept the ministry going and I am sure it has not been easy. I pray for you all and for Cohen’s health. God Bless You! I watch you every Saturday night on TBN. You have gotten me through some lonely and hard times the last few years.”

—Gary, Maryland

“Dear Bobby, Hannah, Cohen & Haven, thank you ALL for your great inspiration, love and wonderful faith in God! Hour of Power is very important for me! I always watch on Sunday. LOVE, GREAT MUSIC AND THE MERCY OF GOD brings me close to you ALL and to God above all! I am so grateful. Keep on going this magnificent way. God bless you! I love you and send you great regards from the Netherlands!!! John, saved by the Lord.” 

—John, Netherlands

“Thank you for the devotionals. My late husband and I have in the past supported Hour of Power and have one of your lovely glass eagles, and other things including your grandfather’s Possibility Thinkers Bible. I watch your program on Saturday nights when I can. Being a three-and-a-half year widow has not been easy, but God has been with me all the way! May God bless you as you continue to carry on for the Hour of Power.” 

—Helen, Email

If you would like to share your story, email us at or by mail at Hour of Power, PO Box 100, Garden Grove, CA 92842-0100.

Start Your Day Right!

If ever there’s a time when the world needs more love, joy, faith and grace, it’s now. Let your proverbial cups runneth over with this month’s special offer: 

Daily Devotion Keeps Legacy Couple Strong

Did you know that Hour of Power has a special group of friends called Legacy Donors who are part of what we call Heritage Circle? These generous Christ followers felt it was their calling to pass along a legacy of values and love by including our ministry in their Will or Estate Plan. By partnering with Hour of Power, they are committing to share in our vision of spreading the good news of Jesus Christ to every corner of the globe for years to come.

“We will tell the next generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord, about His power and His mighty wonders.” —Psalm 78:4

For Peter Drupa, a new member of Heritage Circle, he gives thanks to Hour of Power for guiding him in the right direction in his life. “I have watched the Hour of Power off and on for most of my life. This ministry is special to me because it’s how I learned about God when I was growing up.” 

Peter said he once heard Dr. Robert H. Schuller say that what he was told most often by people was that he saved their life by sharing the good news in his power of possibility thinking. “And I am also one of those people,” he said. 

“I have had the honor and privilege to visit the Crystal Cathedral, and meet Dr. Schuller when he visited my local church many years ago. Now, I get the daily devotionals from Bobby Schuller and look forward to reading them daily. They help me keep my focus on God and not get distracted by the sinful ways of the world. I feel so blessed, humbled, and thankful that God saved a lost soul like me and the Hour of Power ministries has been a huge part of that.” 

To learn more about how you can update or create your Will or Living Trust, we invite you to call us at 714-971-4111 or email

Letting Go is a Gift We Give Our Children

by Russ Jacobson

Nothing prepares you for sending your son or daughter off to college. After 18 years, life abruptly changes and your child’s daily presence in your home is no longer guaranteed. There is nothing you can do to emotionally prepare for their departure. Sure, you can think about that day — you can imagine what your house will sound or feel like in their absence. But there is actually nothing you can do to be ready for that moment. It suddenly and viscerally becomes real when you drive away from the dorm with the passenger seat empty. You have spent almost two decades caring for another human being and now they are on their own. There are tears on both sides, but as the dutiful parent you do what life demands: drive away.

The minute you pull out of the university parking lot, the worry begins. That same child who could not find their way from one high school class to another without getting lost now needs to navigate airplanes, trains and buses. What if they don’t like their roommate, or the campus food? What if they don’t make any friends or cannot handle the rigor of university academics? What if they are miserable and decide this whole college thing is actually a bad idea? There is so much to worry about and so little time. 

I want to let you in on something I have learned over time: you don’t have to worry. We recite the Creed of the Beloved every Sunday on campus and my favorite line is “you don’t have to worry.” Why? Because you can trust your friend Jesus. You can also trust your kids. You have spent 18 years preparing them for their adult existence. God cares about your kids just as much as you do — maybe even more. You see, kids going away to college is normal — it is a healthy rhythm; part of God’s plan. He will provide.

This is the time of year when kids go back to school. For some of you that will be your own children. For others that will be grandchildren, nieces, nephews or friends. Whatever your circumstance, my friend, I invite you to remember this very important truth: you don’t have to worry. It does not change the circumstances — it just zaps your energy. Trust your friend Jesus and know that every blade of grass is under his purview. He will have the final word, and that word will be good. This is the best news for back-to-school season, or any season at all! Now, about those tuition bills…

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