Hear God’s Calling

“As a prisoner for the Lord, then, I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received.“

– Ephesians 4:1

Here’s what I encourage you to do today: I want to inspire you to make sure all of your thoughtfulness aligns with the calling God has given you and is tied to some kind of action. The scriptures teach us to be the kind of people who are doers of the word, rather than just hearers. When we hear what God has called us to do, we become adaptive, always setting out to do God’s work.

I want you to ask yourself: Am I actually going out there and taking steps to do what God has called me to do? If you’re doing this, you’ll see that incrementally over time, you will have some wins and some failures, but mostly, you’re going to become a hugely successful person in what God has called you to do. That’s my request: for you to just box out all the voices that would disqualify what God has called you to do. Just listen to God and ask Him for His wisdom. Stay humble and allow Him to develop you into the kind of person who can thrive in any environment, be it economic, relational, or career-related. 

Friend, you can become the kind of person who is so intrinsically valuable to the people around you, because you have become a good leader and a good partner in work. See yourself as the kind of person who is also sensitive to the needs of others. I’m going to believe this for you today. Take this as the word of God, and let it be true.


Lord, give us a new fresh wind for the callings that you’ve poured out on us. Help us to bring life and healing to a hurting world.


Do you know that God calls us in different ways? How do you add value to people around you?

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