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Don’t Wish it Was Easy, Wish You Were Wiser

February 26, 2023

Pastor Bobby’s encouragement for you today is not to ask God for fewer obstacles in your life, but instead to ask for more wisdom.

Alli Patterson is a writer, speaker, and pastor who, after many years working in corporate America, earned a degree from Dallas Theological Seminary. She now serves as Teaching pastor at Crossroads Church in Cincinnati, Ohio. Her first book, How to Stay Standing: 3 Essential Practices for Building a Faith That Lasts, looks at how we can hold onto our faith when life hits us hardest.

Raffia Thomas sings “Believe for It” and “Never Lost”

The Hour of Power Choir sing in the Zulu language, a South African piece entitled, “Ngothando” (Mbuso Ndlovu). The choir is accompanied by Bruno Cilloniz on the djembe.

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  1. Once again Bobby your sermons are full of biblical history, background information, biblical truths, and your ability of bringing the message to each one of us to fulfill our needs.
    I never miss a Service on Sundays.
    God\’s Blessings for your future Ministry.

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