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Follow Him Even Unto the Grave!

July 17, 2022

Pastor Bobby brings today’s message from Israel, near the Sea of Galilee and Capernaum. He talks about Jesus gathering disciples and asking them to follow Him. Bobby teaches to live with confidence and boldness that God’s promises are true in your life and build your life on His word, with today’s message: “Follow Him Even Unto the Grave!”

Born in Tel Aviv, Ronnie Winter has been a licensed tour guide in Israel since 1982. Ron speaks English, German, and Hebrew. His formal education includes studying archaeology and Israel’s history at Tel Aviv University and marine archaeology at Haifa University in Israel. He also completed religious studies in Christianity, Judaism and Islam at Montclair State University in New Jersey and attended the Religious Institute in Jerusalem. From 1985 – 1993 Ron travelled all over the USA as a speaker and ambassador, promoting tours to Israel. Today, Ron talks with Bobby about Jesus’ ministry in Capernaum.

Izacc Dorn sings, “Goodness of God” (Jason Ingram; Brian Johnson; Ed Cash; Ben Fielding; Jenn Johnson; adapt: M. Riley) and “Great Jehovah” (James Hairston; Kendall McDowell; Ronnie Collins; adapt: M. Riley). He is joined by backup singers Charlean Carmon, Mika Lett and Jason maless, and is accompanied by Dr Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr Irene Messoloras, sings “Awake, My Soul” (Elaine Hagenberg). Zach DeChance accompanies the choir on piano, Dr Marc Riley, and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

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