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Holy Land Masada: Trust God by Loving Your Enemies

July 30, 2023

Pastor Bobby brings today’s message from Israel at Masada, a fortress built by Herod the Great, a place which would eventually become the location of the final fight by the zealot riot. Bobby teaches that the lesson we learn from Masada is that loving our enemies is a great way to live, with today’s message: “Holy Land – Masada: Trust God by Loving Your Enemies.”

Born in Tel Aviv, Ron Winter has been a licensed tour guide in Israel since 1982. Ron talks with Bobby about the history of Masada, and where years after Herod’s death, the Jewish rebellion would take place.

Natalie Gonzalez is joined by the Hour of Power Worship Team on “10,000 Reasons/What a Beautiful Name” (Matt Redman; Jonas Myrin; Brooke Ligertwood; Ben Fielding; adapt: M. Riley). They are accompanied by Dr Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra. Drew and Melanie Enterline sing “Rest”.

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr Irene Messoloras, sings “Shalom” (Dan Forrest). The choir is accompanied by Zach DeChance on piano and Dr Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.

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