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How to Love Strangers, Competitors and Annoying People

January 1, 2023

Pastor Bobby encourages you to become a loving person. If you want to be loved, to invite people into your life, to be surrounded by great friends, to want people to think well of you and spend time with you, do the work and then you will experience the kind of love you really want! Today’s message: “How to Love Strangers, Competitors and Annoying People.”

Gabriel Conte is a content creator who focuses on making videos for YouTube with his wife, Jess. His passion is to be a positive light to everyone he meets and to those he reaches through social media. Also an author, his new book, A Mission for Meaning: The Choices That Lead to the Life You Really Want, looks at how to live a purposeful life — one that is good and honouring to God.

Larry James Walker leads worship with the song “No Longer Slaves”

Preston Parker and Sam Capella sing “Psalm 34”

The Hour of Power Choir sings “E’en So, Lord Jesus, Quickly Come”.

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