Hour of Power Australia


Pastor Bobby explains the value of Living Water to desert dwellers and how we can have a true and meaningful life if we seek after God. Bobby encourages listeners who are finding that all that the world has to offer is not satisfying them to come to the Lord and experience a meaningful life in relationship with Him.

Jason Brown is a former professional football player who spent six years in the NFL. When God placed a new call on his heart, he set aside his sports career to become a farmer. Though he had no previous agricultural experience, he and his family purchased a farm with the intent of helping end hunger in their communities. Also an author, his newest book, Centered: Trading Your Plans for a Life That Matters, tells his story of walking away from it all to follow the Lord’s path of greater abundance.

Sean Oliu performs as both Cantor to his local congregation and hundreds of thousands of viewers through Club Mickey Mouse. Today, he is accompanied by his band, the Coastline Cowboys: Daniel Hudson on bass and Nathan Reyes on vocals and cajon, and is supported by Dr Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra. They perform “Saviour, Lord and Guide” (Paul Brewster) and “Long Black Train” (Joshua O. Turner).

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr Irene Messoloras, goes virtual and performs “I Need Thee Every Hour” (Annie S. Hawks; Robert Lowry; arr: Sam Robson). Connor Smith is the featured soloist.

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