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You’ll Have to Trust God Some Day

May 13, 2023

Pastor Bobby teaches that blessed is the one who believes before seeing. Everybody sees first and then believes, but you can be one of those who believes and then sees, with today’s message, “You’ll Have to Trust God Some Day.”

Clint Gresham is a former professional football player who spent six years in the NFL. His struggles with mental health and depression led him to a place where only the Lord could provide peace. Since then, he has become a speaker and author who aims to inspire people to become who they are meant to be and to enjoy the process of transformation.

Fifteen-year-old Noelle Lidyoff, a member of Voices of Hope Children’s Choir, sings “Sunday Sermons” (Anne Wilson, Benjamin Glover; Jeff Sojka).

The Hour of Power Choir, directed by Dr Irene Messoloras, sings “Will the Circle be Unbroken” (Betsy Rose; Cathy Winter; Marcia Taylor; arr: J. David Moore) and “Great is Thy Faithfulness” (Thomas O. Chisholm; William M. Runyan; arr: Dan Forrest).

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