Hour of Power Australia

God’s Minute I: 365 Daily Affirmations for Positive Prayer

Dr Robert Schuller said, “I may not know your face, but I do know your heart! You are a person of faith who believes in the positive love of God. You believe in the beautiful and powerful message of the Hour of Power. The real question is: How do we remain such sincere spiritual people, every day? The answer, of course, is prayer.”

This little prayer book holds the key to a profound relationship you can have with the Creator Himself and will show you that YOU matter immensely and immeasurably to Him. This little book, when you read and pray from it for only a minute every day, will help to put you in daily communication with God.

This limited edition, pocket-sized book of daily prayers is your gift this month for your generous Ministry support of $25 or more

Measures: 7.62 cm x 10.16 cm x 2.54 cm, or 3 inches x 4 inches x 1 inch.
Delivery is expected in 4-6 weeks.

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