Hour of Power Australia

Hug Mug Set

Love. Joy. Faith. Grace. Together, these words are known as the Fantastic Four here at Hour of Power!

  1. Love Mug — For your gift of just $25 or more, our delightful ceramic Love Mug will act as a daily reminder that you are the beloved of God. It can be yours to treasure, or give to a loved one.
  2. Love, Joy, Faith, and Grace Mug Set — For your gift of just $75 or more, you will receive the complete set, which includes the Love Mug, plus the Joy, Faith, and Grace Mugs.

Uplifting in its design and sentiment, this unique ceramic mug set features four spherical mugs, each holding a liberal 15 ounces. Each cup is featured with a white-glazed interior, and an exterior glaze in soft pastel colors accented by a rich chocolate-colored rim and handle. An exposed stoneware base peeks out from the bottom and adds an unexpected textural element. The mug set is packaged in a lovely gift box.

The Love Mug or the Love, Joy, Faith, and Grace Mug Set would make a great addition to a college dorm room or a teachers’ lounge. You could also give this mug or set as a housewarming or hostess gift. Truly, these mugs will make a memorable gift for any occasion!

Request your Hug Mug set For your generous gift of $75 or more.
Delivery is expected in Australia in 4 to 6 weeks. 

Thank you for helping to keep Hour of Power on television and radio across Australia. This year has been tough for all of us, yet as we’ve faced our difficulties with Jesus, He’s cultivated patience, fortitude, courage, and compassion in our souls.

As we’ve welcomed the Holy Spirit’s power, He’s used our minutes of greatest struggle to propel us ahead to milestones in His Kingdom! In the midst of loss, He’s called us to tell our stories of hope and redemption so that others can know His overcoming power and transcendent peace. In fact, that’s what Hour of Power is all about.