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You Are Beloved – A New Book By Bobby Schuller

God doesn’t want you doing His work on an empty battery. Instead, He wants to energize you through connecting deeply with Him and with other believers!  Tap into the godly energy, joy, life, and power found in the kingdom of God.

Learn the truths:

1. In God’s eyes, you are seen and deeply loved
2. What dignity you really have, and who it comes from
3. That God’s love is the antidote for shame
4. About how to become emotionally alive
….And more!

This life-changing message of your true identity in Christ is the destiny-shaping subject of Pastor Bobby Schuller’s brand-new book, ‘You Are Beloved’.  Step into a new depth of God’s love and a new way of seeing yourself and your future and  —discover the truth that You Are Beloved!

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You Are Beloved

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