23 May Powerlines

PLUG IN AND CONNECT TO A WHOLE NEW WORLD Technology: You either love it, fear it, or are somewhere in-between. You may also feel indifferent. No matter your position, you probably would agree that technology’s benefits outweigh its flaws. As with many things in life, there are always positives and negatives, and the advent of modern technology is no different. I heard a saying the other day: “The same sun that scorches also heals and makes things grow.” We all have our opinions about the internet and social media in our increasingly online world, but it looks like these technological advancements are here to stay. The key is to learn how to use them to your benefit, in a healthy way, without sacrificing anything in your life.  Over the years, I have done my fair share of preaching on the need to unplug — to put your phone down and

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23 April Powerlines

 The Perfect Gift   Have you ever been so excited to give someone you love a special gift that you can barely contain yourself? You are literally one conversation short of blurting it out? Without a doubt, those are the best gifts to give, aren’t they? And isn’t it interesting how it never feels like a burden to spend countless hours and energy thinking about, and looking for, the perfect gift? When you find it, or better yet, create it, you are elated and filled with joy over the entire experience.  In this Easter season, I want you to consider this: If you multiply the feeling I just described by infinity, this is what it was like for our Heavenly Father when He gave us the perfect gift — Jesus Christ! Easter is a time when we remember, honor, and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus from the grave. In one mighty

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