“He turned the desert into pools of water and the parched ground into flowing springs.”

– Psalm 107:35

As modern-day believers, we often lose sight of how fragile the ancient world was. Though we look at what’s going on today and see chaos, it’s nothing compared to the evil, war, and paganism that were prevalent in Biblical times. In those days, earthly rulers were constantly shedding the blood of innocent people to attain greater power, and even worse, idolatry was the norm. Now when I say idolatry, I don’t mean just bowing down to statues or shrines — I mean the abuse of women and children, and often their death. Slavery was common, and so was human sacrifice — it was a culture of brutality, aggression, and violence. Yet into that dark night, a small seed of hope was born. The God of Creation chose Abraham and his clan, an unknown family of Semitic nomads, to bring light into the middle of a moral wasteland. Though it looked as if the ways of righteousness were all but lost, from one man of faith, the Lord birthed an entire nation whose role was to reflect His heart to humanity. While secular society oppressed the poor and embraced idols, the Alpha and Omega raised up a people to be an oasis of faith, goodness, and love in the midst of darkness. Years later, from these same people, Jesus — the Savior of humanity — was born, and because He so loved the world, He made a way for each of us to be brought into a relationship with Him. Even now, as those who have inherited His perfect peace, He has equipped us to become springs of Living Water to others in the midst of the spiritual desert of our modern culture.

My friend, God chose you to be an oasis for people! You are alive at this time in history for a reason, and like your ancestors in the faith, He has anointed you to bring light to a dark and hurting world. As you let the Holy Spirit’s water bubble up from within you, you offer hope and healing to troubled souls, many of whom are struggling to find their way in an uncertain and shadowy season. Though you may feel as if you’re struggling yourself, as you look to Jesus, His strength is made perfect in your weakness, and He illuminates His way of truth through your surrendered life.


Jesus, I want to be an oasis for others. Fill me with your Spirit so your refreshment can spill over to many people through me.


How might you bring refreshment to someone’s emotional or spiritual desert today?

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