Be Faithful in Your Calling

“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ ”

– Matthew 25:21

Today, as we continue to uncover what your calling is, it’s not uncommon to have two or more callings at the same time! It is understood that God will give us multiple missions. Does your boss ever give you two assignments at the same time? Most likely, yes. In life, it’s important that we understand which of the two or three things is most important to God.

Right now, I have at least two callings. I’m called to be the pastor of this ministry and I’m also called to be a husband and a dad. Which one is more important? Family is the number one priority, but at times we get this confused. It’s easy to say my family is more important than my career, business, or ministry. But some would say their work is like another child. Maybe you have the same sentiment concerning your career or business. I caution you against that mindset. Yes, a ministry and career are important, but it’s not a child. There’s our family and then there’s an occupation. 

Friend, I have a prayer I say every morning. God, today I want to be the best husband I can be. I want to be the best dad I can be, every day. God knows if I’m faithful with my children and my wife, I’ll be faithful with my ministry. Be faithful in all you do, and make sure you live life in the correct order, not by what society says, which is money, power, fame, and glory. Follow what God says, which is to love your neighbor.


Father, help me to be my best in those relationships closest to me. Show me how to be faithful in what you give me to accomplish.


Do you have callings that need to be reprioritized? How can you improve your closest relationships?

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