“Whoever claims to live in him must live as Jesus did.”

1 John 2:6

If we want to grow, we have to learn this: we cannot maintain ourselves. We can’t. We can’t do life alone; we need people. This is why Jesus calls the church the body of Christ. Paul meant it quite literally. When we receive a hug or an empathetic conversation from a believer, it’s because they are wearing the skin of Christ. If we do something great with a believer, we’re not only doing it with them, we’re doing it with Jesus because they are filled with His spirit. Be that person, be that believer. Be Jesus to your friends and family.


Thank you for speaking to me, God, through my Christian friends and family. Help me to be Jesus for others too.


How can you put on the skin of Christ for the people in the fifteen feet of space around you?

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One Response

  1. That is it Bobby, we need each other, we need each other to grow.

    But is it not exiting finding new riches together?

    And together means together !!

    I find it so appalling that some Christians and of course some head strong Muslims for example do not want to mingle.

    Just yesterday i saw another nature film, which by the way is booming , because of the endless possibilities of the camera of today, where ants work together like clock work !! You know the ones floating in water together…

    Once nature sees that we are too many, nature finds a way to kill us, Trump or Korea are very welcome instruments…..

    The devil may be now today maybe even working together with mother nature…

    Only i can play Jesus and not Trump, because i also care for the hearts of the so called white supremists.
    Trump looks like a racist saying , that there are many wrong.
    But we too care for everybody’s heart.

    Everyone’s heart is invincible, it’s our brain that can get off course….

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