“For freedom Christ has set us free; stand firm therefore, and do not submit again to a yoke of slavery.” -Galatians 5:1

Going off of what we talked about yesterday, I think first commandment is a command about the awfulness of slavery. Slavery has been so common in history. In our modern era, much of it has been wiped out, but actually there are more slaves today than there have ever been in history. And there is nothing more degrading and dehumanizing. In other words, there’s nothing more opposite of liberty and opposite of dignity than slavery. God hates slavery because God loves people, and because God gave us choice. God gave you will, choice, decision. God gave you the power to lead your own life, and people want to take that away. They do. People want to take that away to use you, to make you, and God’s not going to allow that to happen. There’s a sort of deeper meaning here, too. Many of us have found ourselves enslaved by this and that. Enslaved by poverty, enslaved by lack, enslaved by sin, addiction, enslaved by the need to prove yourself, enslaved by depression or anxiety. Look, God doesn’t want you enslaved. In Jesus’ name, he’s going to break every chain in your life. He’s going to break every chain in your life. He is a good God, you can trust him, and he loves you. He’s on your side. He’s going to carry you through to the Promised Land. That’s a promise. And it’s a command. “I am the Lord your God who brought you out of Egypt out of the land of slavery” is this – I’m on your side. Know me and trust me. Let me free you from your slavery.

PRAYER: Dear Lord, free me from what enslaves me. Please help me to remember that I can trust you to break the chains in my life.

REFLECTION: Are you aware of what may be enslaving you in your life? Think about it, and give it to God. Practice surrendering your fears and anxieties to him daily.

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