Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Philippians 4:8

Fostering beautiful thoughts will foster a beautiful life. Fostering noble thoughts will create a noble life. Fostering wise thoughts will create a fruitful and successful life. Harbor wisdom and beauty, and cast out every thought that is not from heaven. Let go of everything that would drag you down into negativity or despair, seeing the worst in others, or seeing the worst in yourself, or seeing the worst in your future. Don’t let them take root in your heart and in your mind. Instead, foster the kind of thoughts that foster hope and joy, love, compassion, purpose, and courage. And then your life will be very different.


Thank you, Lord, for the beauty you have put in this world. Enable to me focus on such things, and to let go of the negative things in my life.


What beautiful thoughts can you have today?

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10 Responses

  1. Here is a possible sermon illustration for Bobby. I once read that back in the days of radio and early television, there was a blind pianist by the name of Alec Templeton. He would usually do one of his various tricks, like taking “Happy Birthday” and play it in the style of Bach, Beethoven, or Cole Porter. One thing he often did almost became his trademark. He would ask members of the studio audience to call out six or seven notes at random, and then he would take those notes and, to the amazement of a hundred thousand living rooms, would turn them into a piece of music. No matter how odd the progression from one note to the other, he would build harmonies until a pleasing pattern was formed. Never did the audience stump him. Always his ability to harmonize was greater than the note’s ability to confuse.

    I believe that God works this way. It is God’s will that we should pick the notes of life. It is God’s special pleasure that this freedom should be ours. And many of the notes that we pick, (or others pick for us) are sour ones in dark minor keys. God is as hurt as we are and there is help in knowing this. But there’s more. God is not defeated! There is no circumstance so chaotic that God does not have another move to make. It is not God’s will that tragedy or hurt comes into our lives, but when it does, God will use it, build on it, harmonize it, triumph over it!! That, to me, is what we are thinking about when we affirm God’s providential guidance and goodness. God’s will and ours are strangely mixed. But God is stronger and will finally prevail …..God will take the confusing notes of our experiences and build a beautiful life. God can be trusted to always bring good from the bad we experience in life. What a beautiful thought to dwell on as we journey through our days.

    1. Thanks. The accumulation of these negative thoughts has sadly developed into a habit for me. However as my 90 year old mum wisely says knowing this is half the battle. I need to hear other Christians also having daily struggles but remaining faithful

  2. Thanks again for always being a possitive reinforcement in my life and the lives of other people. I love your service on Sunday mornings but feel God is calling me to find a new church home. He will lead and I will follow. I can still watch you online which I am grateful for. Your ministry is a blessing!!!

  3. I always think of beautiful thoughts . For example.Being in a garden and lying in the grass surrounded by graceful butterflies hovering around your head . Breathing in the sweet scent of lavender and lily of the valley . It is very peaceful and calming . Another example .I look back to when I did the Dolphin Encounter at Nassau Paradise Island Blue Lagoon in the Bahamas . It was such a wonderful experience for me . I got into the water and actually touched the dolphin feeling every part of its body . I felt reborn again . It’s as if all those negative vibes of being teased and taunted throughout my childhood were washed away . Praise God for allowing me the opportunity to give glory to his name either by being a lector or whatever .

  4. Thank you for the daily devotional! It was exactly what I needed I have been beating myself up thinking that things could not be better. Been out of work for a long time and every time I get a job. Something happens or I can afford to keep driving back-and-forth. Just recently had a lot of snow in love with cold weather and the job is a roofing job and I have been able to do Any roofing. So I’ve been beating myself up. So this devotional was just for the needed to hear. Again thank you

  5. I always think of beautiful thoughts and hopefully for greater things to come despite a million reasons to be negative I see one great reason that supersed’s ever thing because in all things God’s Love is endures forever and conquers all.

  6. Thank you so much for this sermon. I lost most of my family in the last six years and now witness other family members losing theirs. Lord help me to be a source of comfort, hope and healing and to inspire them to carry on when all seems hopeless. In Jesus name I pray Amen.

  7. This is my daily struggle. But I know God has the Master plan. All things work out for good for those who love Jesus. I’m so glad He is for us and not against us.
    Our hope is in Him even in the negatives if the world. We can see the beauty of the Lord. Thank you for your encouraging word.

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