Become a Tourist in Your Hometown

“Surely you have granted him unending blessings and made him glad with the joy of your presence.”

– Psalm 21:6

For the next fews days, I want to talk about three things you can do to become a more grateful person — to invite miracles into your life. The first one is to become a tourist in your hometown.

A few years ago, Hannah and I saved up a bunch of money to go to France. It was pretty much our dream come true. We backpacked through the countryside and went to bed and breakfasts…every moment was just amazing! When we got home, we were very sad. Our home seemed boring, like the same old, same old. Later that week, as I was walking around our town, I saw four Japanese people who were visiting and they were taking pictures of pretty much everything. I was sitting on a bench and they came up to me and wanted a picture of me too, not because I was Bobby Schuller, but because I was a crazy, tall white guy. As I was conversing with them, they were telling me how amazing my city is, and I remember thinking, “if only I could see this place through their eyes.” From that point on, I decided to become a tourist in my hometown and to notice the great places that are right under my nose; to take advantage of some of what I take for granted.

Like I did that day, I encourage you to become a tourist in your town too. Notice your surroundings and practice gratitude for the good things you see.


Jesus, I pray that you would renew my mind today and give me eyes to see the beauty you have created in the world around me.


How can you become a tourist in your hometown, starting today?

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