Become Rich in the Things of God

“His divine power has granted to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of him who called us to his own glory and excellence.”

– 2 Peter 1:3 (ESV)

Have you ever felt like you were living for your next vacation? My sister once sent me a link to a skit from Saturday Night Live that featured Adam Sandler doing a commercial for a fictional company called Romano Tours. At first, Mr. Romano talked about all the great things there are to do in Italy, but then he started making statements like, “I want to warn you, if you’re sad at home, you’ll be sad in Italy, too,” or “If your marriage isn’t working at home, it’s not going to start working when you’re in Italy.” Then there was my favorite, “I can take you to the beach, but I can’t make you look good in a swimsuit.” 

Though comically exaggerated, the point of the segment was poignant: vacations are not magic and they will not magically cure all your problems! You have everything you need available to you so you can live the life you want today! I say this with confidence because I believe that your best existence has nothing to do with income, position, or how much you have in savings, but rather with how rich you are in the things of God. 

Friend, peace, rest, joy, tranquility, and love are not products of monetary wealth, yet they are the source of life’s richest blessings. If you are dealing with restlessness, anxiety and fear, the cure is not more stuff, fancier vacations, or counting the days to retirement; the answer is Jesus. He is the giver of abundant life, and purposefully spending time in His presence is the only way to find rest for your soul!


Jesus, may I partake of your abundant life so I’m not just living for my next vacation.


Are you finding time in your life to rest and be refreshed in God’s presence?

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  1. I think my relationship with the Lord is the kind of relationship He is looking for with all His followers. Like being married, doing everything together, and not on my own, I ask Him if I have a question and suddenly thoughts come into my mind like an answer to my question. If I run into trouble, there is always a way out, but not right away, some times a may take longer then I thought, but does anything work as planned? Next time, this time, any time is always the the right time to acknowledge the Lord in all that I do before I do it! Thanks be to God for being a Father in my life since I was born, because I do not who my biological father is or was except what my mother told, but that’s another story.

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