Becoming Something Special

“Then Abraham prayed to God, and God healed Abimelek, his wife and his female slaves so they could have children again,”

– Genesis 20:17

Each of us has a unique mission to become something special in God’s Kingdom, and to make a difference! Yesterday, I talked about one of the characteristics that makes us special: The ability to pray for and bless others when they are able to accomplish what we desire. Remember, God promised Abraham that he would bear children, and that they would outnumber the sands on the beach and the stars in the Heavens. Twenty-five years passed before this very old man had a child, and his 90-year-old wife became pregnant. What was the last thing that happened before Sarah became pregnant? Abraham prayed for Abimelek, whose family had become barren. Because of his prayer, Abimelek’s family was healed. And the first thing in the next chapter — Sarah becomes pregnant!

As you move into your blessing don’t compare your life with your boss, competitors, friends, or your relatives. Do you know who you should compare yourself to? Compare yourself to who you were yesterday and how you have grown month by month, and year by year! Ask yourself if you are full of more love, and have a bigger vision. Have you spent time with God and His Word? Did you show up when you said you would? 

Friend, it will be pleasing for you to know that as you continue to bless others with your words and prayers, you will realize that you are becoming part of something special in God’s Kingdom. Your actions are causing you to become a giant for God’s Kingdom, and that’s what counts in the end. Before you go somewhere, you need to grow somewhere. Continue to grow, grow, grow and become something special for the Kingdom of God! 


Father, I need your help to fulfill my unique mission for the Kingdom of God.


How do you view your growth this year compared to last year? What would you improve?

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