Big Blessings in Small Places

“For from his fullness we have all received, grace upon grace.”

– John 1:16 (ESV)

Today, I have one last “luck study” to share with you in another attempt to encourage you to expect good things in your life! This one is about the “lucky parker” (as in parking a car). 

Interestingly, in a scientific study, people who believed they were lucky expected to find a good parking spot. Even if a shopping center was crowded, they would go to the front row, and just like an eagle, watch everything that was happening. As soon as they saw brake lights, the “lucky” man or woman turned on their blinker and claimed the spot — more often than not, they found what they were looking for! Why? Because they expected the best and therefore took the actions needed to find the most favorable spot. On the contrary, those who thought themselves unlucky wouldn’t bother going to the front of the parking lot. Even if they did, they didn’t really expect to find anything so they hurried through, failing to look carefully at what was happening. Most of the time, they ended up parking far away. 

Friend, although this illustration may seem trite, I want to emphasize again the fact that believing good things are coming in your life will cause them to materialize! As a Christian, you can and must reject the notion of superstition and fully embrace the truth of grace. God’s unmerited favor towards you is irrevocable and it’s given in abundance to any and all who entrust themselves to Jesus Christ; it’s not a meritocracy. Like a river that rushes with unstoppable force to the sea, so is the flow of your Savior’s approval, support, and goodwill in your life. Refuse to expect any less than His best, look for big blessings in small places, and enjoy the abundant life He died to give you! 


Jesus, elevate my thoughts and give me a heart that expects good things from your Hand; may I lean into your grace and goodness every day.


When in your life have you received big blessings in small places? How did it strengthen your faith?

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