Big Dreams Build Big People

“Blessed is the people of whom this is true; blessed is the people whose God is the Lord.”

– Psalm 144:15

There is one thing we can all do as we move forward in this life: Believe in yourself like God believes in you. God blesses you, has great things to say about you, and He has big dreams for you. There is a list of things God wants for your life, and it’s up to you if you will live up to those aspirations. Be in agreement with God and tell Him you are willing to pay the price. Let Him know you’re willing to do the work. Make sure He knows you are ready to commit all that you are, and believe in the big dreams He has for you!

Here’s something my grandpa Schuller taught us: Build your dreams and your dreams will build you. We can learn a lot about dreams from this. When you live without dreams, you live in despair, but when you live with dreams and goals, you live a more fulfilling life. Here’s a better way to put it: Big dreams build big people. You already know this if you have a big dream in your heart. Achieving that vision requires you to grow as a person. Every morning and every evening it calls for you to become a bigger person so you can reach what God wants for you to accomplish. 

Friend, my grandpa Schuller once asked me if I had any dreams. When I told him that I did, his reply was, “If you’re not a little scared, nervous, or worried about not reaching your dreams, your dreams aren’t big enough.” Dreams like these are God-sized, and God-sized dreams create God-sized lives! You can be bold and agree with God’s plan for your life!


Father, make it possible for me to achieve big dreams and become a better person along the way.


What’s your God-sized dream? In what ways are you fulfilling it?

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7 Responses

  1. Love your messages and sermons. I watch you every week on youtube.
    If I visit your area, hope to say hello in person. Bless you and your ministry.

  2. I totally agree with Chistina. Thank you so much for what you do. I wish you and your beautiful family the very best. God bless you All!

  3. This is Great. I’ve been struggling about a Big Dream to accomplish in my business. This reaffirms me to stick to my DREAM!!Thanks

  4. Today you spoke about service. I found that when doing lots of service for lots of people and performing it to the highest standard…people don’t appreciate the task or myself. They have no skin in the game and it’s taken for granted. So I’m very carefully offering my services.

    1. Serve our Father by serving others and take away the need for feeling to please yourself or others, God has been watching over you ever since you accepted His son Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and He truly appreciates and loves all you do 🙂 so please don’t stop, it’s always worth it. May Gods love fill you daily

  5. Thank You for the invitation at the beginning of the service giving people an opportunity to know the Lord and His Love for his Children. God Bless each and Everyone of You.

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