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Bobby’s Morning Meditation

Last weekend, Bobby shared his personal morning meditation on Hour of Power. He mentioned that he was hesitant to share it in fear of promoting legalism in your life, so please pick and choose parts of his routine to work for you — make it your own! However, we think it’s really important to spend some time with God each day, no matter how long it is!

  1. Coffee + Water – First things first, caffeine! You need it. And drink some water to rehydrate.
  2. Psalm 23/Lord’s Prayer meditation (5 minutes) – The Bible says to “meditate” on the Scriptures 18 times, while it only says to “study” the Scripture 4 times. Reflect on Psalm 23 or the Lord’s Prayer with your whole body. Breathe in and out and let God’s truth move from your head to your heart.
  3. Prayer (10 minutes) – Use this time to pray over your friends, family, or anything that is plaguing your heart.
  4. Read Bible (20 minutes) – Bobby typically reads one chapter of the New Testament and one chapter of the Old Testament, and the chapter of Proverbs that corresponds with the day of the month.
  5. Write down goals and plan the day (5 minutes) – This is so important because you come out of the Scripture with the goal to be a Jesus-kind-of-person. Write down your spiritual, family, financial, and personal health goals. Even write down some you have already accomplished!
  6. Read from non-fiction book (20 minutes) – To broaden your wisdom, to learn,  and to grow as a person.

By establishing a rhythm in your life, we pray that it will help you win the worry war and connect with our one true God. Watch the clip of Bobby’s morning mediation below for more information!

2 thoughts on “Bobby’s Morning Meditation

  1. Barbara Nesper says:

    I have a comment we love the Hour of Power with Bobby. Our problem now is we had to drop our cable because it was so expensive and went to streaming. Why are there no religious shows on streaming? We do watch the show that’s on our daily scriptures but it’s not relaxing nor any enjoyment hear the sermon and music from TV. We need to have our religious programs on streaming. Thank you for listening. Barbara Nesper

  2. This is a great routine; thanks, Bobby. I do, however, have one suggestion. I think the prayer time of 10 minutes is far too short. I learned from Dr. David Cho years ago that he and his people pray 2 hours every morning. I didn’t think that was possible. But I also learned that the Lord’s Prayer is a MODEL, rather than a specific prayer. The first part is praising God and giving thanks to Him and then petitioning Him for others and yourself. When I do this, it is very easy to pray at least an hour. I think prayer is something that the church is lacking in. But please understand that I am not being critical of any move we make toward this great routine Bobby lays out for us. Praise God for the new Hour of Power. Bobby’s inclusion of the work of the Holy Spirit is something needed so much in our lives as well as our church.

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