Build a Life of Humility

“But he gives us more grace. That is why Scripture says: ‘God opposes the proud but shows favor to the humble.’ ”

– James 4:6

In the midst of the attacks on Israel, I pray that God brings healing for the injured and the families of the innocent people whose lives were lost. I’ve made many wonderful memories in the Holy Land, and today, I want to share a lesson that came to me during my last trip there. Every individual who strives to lead a great life should know the difference between what the world teaches us and what God teaches us. Herod the Great built many beautiful structures, including the great fortress of Masada. After the announcement of Jesus’ birth, he invited the Magi into his palace and asked where the King of Jews would be born so he could meet him. Even though he was smiling, on the inside he felt venomous and wanted to kill this child to protect his kingdom.On the outside, Herod was accomplished and claimed to be the king of the Jews, but he was filled with ego and only cared about his own survival and the sustainment of his kingdom. In the end, Jesus, a humble itinerant preacher who didn’t really own much, didn’t have any children and didn’t build any buildings, is the most important figure in human history. In comparison to all the literature, songs, and buildings created in His name, Herod pales in comparison. 

Friend, as you strive to live a great life, I encourage you to distinguish between what the world teaches you in comparison to what God teaches. Know that God wants you to lead a great life, but the way He wants you to do it is the Godly way. The Bible mentions that God will lay down the arrogant and the proud, while He lifts up the humble. I am confident that God will be with you as you step into humility!


Father, help me distinguish between what you teach me and the ways of the world.


In what ways does God direct you to be humble?

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7 Responses

  1. Hello, I have been Praying so Hard for the People in Israel. Jesus was Born There and I Cannot Believe that there is Still War and Pandemonium going on. God Gave This Land To Israel way Back Then. I do not Understand Why other People seem to Think It Should Be Theirs. God Is Good and God Is Great and HE Will Overcome This Mess. Thank You for Being My Lifeline In This Terrible Storm. I watch your Service Every Week. I go to my own church St. Patrick’s and when I get home I watch Your Service. The Hour Of Power is The Highlight of my Sunday. I know that I responded quite a few years ago that I started watching in 1984 after my Mother Died. I was Having a Very Low and Sad Day and I started looking for something to watch on T.V. and Voila I Found The Hour Of Power. Bobby your Grandfather sure Helped me a Whole Bunch. Bobby I just wanted to let you know that I Think your Grandfather is So Very Proud Of You for Carrying on In His Footsteps. Hope that you Have A Wonderful Day. God Loves You and So Do I.

  2. Humility. Can we say that that is what I do when I say do it any way it is the right thing to do? I can only hope that in that case it is twice blessed so that a person or people see God working in me rather than putting one over me. Love can be given but others are not open to receiving it without the grace of God. Help me not only to do it anyway, but to let the other know that God really loves them.

  3. It is hard to be truly Humble when we share our Pride. Delicate balance for all Christians but Jesus is our Example to Follow.

    Thanks and will try the online at 1 pm CT.

    God Bless,
    Gerry Anderson

  4. Good morning, I will travel to Calcutta, India this January for 2 weeks. I want to volunteer and serve Christ at Mother Teresa’s House for the sick and dying. This is my sole purpose in going. It has been a dream for 10 years. I want to humble myself and ask God that I may be found worthy of this opportunity. Please pray for me on this journey. Thank you. Blessings

  5. Have been learning not applying believed in heart not head went with world well tried never fitted in anywhere wanted to give up did but something kept me going

  6. Would you please prayer for my daughter Rachel? She has anorexia,is so thin,I try to help her gain weight but nothing seems to help. I love Jesus and she says she does too, I lost one child already and can’t bare losing her too, thank you for your prayers Valorie

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