Building A Better Life

“Yet when planted, it grows and becomes the largest of all garden plants, with such big branches that the birds can perch in its shade.”

– Mark 4:32

Building a better life for yourself takes time, so be patient. Take bamboo for instance. There’s a type of bamboo that takes five years to germinate. As the small bulbs germinate, the roots grow underground in every direction. For five years, nothing can be seen while the bamboo roots grow deep and spread wide. Then, in a matter of six weeks, the bamboo suddenly grows ninety feet tall! This is after spending five years growing roots! Life is like this. Life is hard, so you build, build, build. As long as you’re building, you’re good! You continue on this path and eventually enjoy over-the-top movement. You kept building and now you can reap the rewards! 

Growing and building do not happen overnight. Your wisdom is increasing and your knowledge is growing. You are praying the right kind of prayers and memorizing the right verses. You’re growing into the person you need to be. You’re reading the books and doing the work. No one can improve your life for you; you have to do it yourself. Life gets better when you get better. You stop asking everything outside of you to change and instead say, “Today, I choose to change.” As you begin, no one will recognize your growth. It may take five years, but one day people will notice. YOU will notice. Your growth will skyrocket!

Friend, all of us are hungry for progress. As you continue to build, you will see that your life perspective will change. You will understand that the gap between who you are and who you want to be is knowledge, wisdom, and a commitment to discipleship. God will honor your heart as you take these steps!


Father, show me how to take real steps in order to grow in wisdom and knowledge.


Is there something you are building that no one can recognize yet?

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6 Responses

  1. I thought God was building health in me. Things have happened with it to make me healthier. But I do not know any more. An increase in medication has helped. Well it has been a long story with medication over 52 years and what i have been going through the past five years with different medications and stress caused by Satan. So i do not know what is what anymore. I thought God was taking care of me. I do not know anymore. Satan,medications i do not know anymore. I seem healthier. tom

  2. I saw a chiropractor for 26 years who happened to be a master mason. So back in 2012 he retired and went on as a teacher which he had been doing for a while. So one day he says to me 90. I do not know what that means. Ninety years old I think. Well I have been troubled about it for years. So one day I was on the phone with my life insurance company and Satan says ninety and a second later the agent says ninety and fear struck me. Like I said I have been troubled about this for years. So ninety means something. I had said things about the masons and other people on the c b radio in 1975 which were not good. Now being a born again Christian I thought it was coming from God thinking about it over the years until recent years. Satan. I had said many other things not bad. My chiropractor had told me some years before 2012 that I am a prophet. Which I do not consider myself to be a prophet. God could have been the only way I could have said these things. They were not things I had ever had in my mind before or ever thought about. After I had said these things crisis! in my mind. God used to talk through me at work when I was a truck driver for a while after 1975. Some positive things have happened over the years with my healing but some negative things like recently.Satan again. Tom

  3. You are still alive! That means God is still working on and with you to be all that is possible. Thank and praise God. Keep your focus on God.

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