“All you need to say is simply ‘Yes’ or ‘No’; anything beyond this comes from the evil one.”

– Matthew 5:37

We’ve been discussing new practices that will help us thrive in the new year, and yesterday we discussed the importance of leaving gaps in our life in order to be interruptible. Today, I would like to discuss another crucial skill to master: creating and maintaining boundaries.

Boundaries are the walls that surround your life and allow you to maintain your sense of self. They empower you to say yes or no to demands from others, preventing your life from spiraling out of control. I’ve discovered that Christians, in general, are terrible at setting boundaries, and pastors are even worse. We prefer to agree to everything in order to make as many people happy as possible because we are God’s servants and the servants of His people. I was saying yes with my mouth when I first started pastoring, but my heart was becoming skeptical and angry. I was a kind person at first, but as time went on, I grew judgmental, passive-aggressive, and stressed out. When we overextend ourselves and say yes to too many things, we ultimately end up resenting ourselves and others!

Friend, maintaining your boundaries allows you to be a more caring person. Once you get over the discomfort of saying no and dealing with people’s initial disappointment, you’ll discover that your life is freer than it’s ever been, and you’ll be able to give to others from a place of plenty rather than a one of scarcity. You can’t do everything well, and it isn’t your responsibility to make everyone happy, so listen to the Holy Spirit’s guidance and let peace be your compass as you make life decisions. Knowing and maintaining your limits will empower you and make you more Christlike, allowing God to work even more powerfully through you! Isn’t it wonderful news?


Jesus, thank you for giving me life and the ability to create boundaries in the same way that you did. As I maintain those limits this year, I pray for your strength and discernment.


What are your boundaries? Allow God to help you keep them by praying over them.

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2 Responses

  1. What you have said in this post makes a lot of sense. But I cannot help but remind myself that some very wise individuals say “If you want something done, get a busy person and it will be done on time and correctly.

  2. I’m grateful to receive your honesty. It echoed my rather shocking bad decisions I made when I had NO boundaries and I didn’t understand them. I’m 64 and my pleasing others turned into
    seeking approval from others who were actually dangerous when I was a young Christian. I continued this unawareness until recently.
    Did you also find yourself in any dangerous entanglements? God is constant and he is with me.

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