Call on the Name of the Lord

“And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

– Acts 2:21

A fantastic presentation was made on the day that the church was started. Pentecost was the day of this new beginning, which included a miraculous visitation by the Holy Spirit. St. Peter answered the amazement and bewilderment of the crowd with an amazing speech, and three types of people were present. First, there were the mockers. Yes, there are many people who mock God’s work. They shouldn’t mock, that’s not good, and we should tell them to stop doing that. But, if they’re mockers, they’re supposed to mock, that’s their assignment.

Second, there were those who were perplexed, those who were confused. “Well, why are they confused?” we ask. A clear and concise explanation of the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, along with the simple instructions, “And everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” was given by the Apostle Peter. It’s inevitable that there will be those who are perplexed, but you don’t have to fix them.  

Friend, there was also a third group of people. A total of three thousand people were present, all of whom were believers, and what did they do with their faith? Their belief was solid. As a result of believing and calling on the name of the Lord, they were saved. There is no doubt that you will be saved if you believe in the name of the Lord. Don’t turn your back on the Lord and miss the blessings of salvation. You have the opportunity to change everything today, but you must choose. If you make a choice today to believe in Christ or even rededicate yourself to Him, you will never be the same!


May the steadfastness of my faith in Christ be strengthened by the Lord. I will call on His name continually.


Are you a Christian? Have you chosen to place your faith in Christ or have you rededicated your life to Him?

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  1. I am a believer, their is no doubt at all in my mind for as long as I can remember since I was born! Farther more, I doubt what they say about the big bang, because somebody had to cause it to happen in order to have an effect, and that’s their belief in science, cause and effect is it not? But ask them a question about that, and most of them believe in a higher power? Then I tell them that the higher power must be God, now they do not know what to say, perplexed or confused it’s all the same to me, maybe that’s why, or they do not want to believe in God, yet they believe in luck even witchcraft or black magic, these are all evil weapons and idea’s also mentioned in the bible to stay away from such things! But thanks be to God for the warnings before hand! Amen. A bit of advice, keep believing no matter what happens to test you, and if your not a believe yet, just wait a little while longer, and everybody will find out the truth one way or another, because the problems today are too big for us to fix that we caused! God made the world perfect! Now we need God to restore it! Even so, come quick Lord Jesus. Amen.

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