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Calling Young Voices: Voices of Hope Registration Now Open!


We are incredibly blessed by the musical talent we have here at Shepherd’s Grove and Hour of Power, but did you know that some of our most talented voices are as young as five years old? The voices in our Voices of Hope Children’s Choir range from kindergarten through twelfth grade and they create beautiful melodies that move and inspire our congregation — and beyond!

It is always a treat to hear Voices of Hope sing a song or two on Sundays at Shepherd’s Grove, and they have become a staple at our events like O Holy Night and Easter. They also star in their own concerts and performances. Sarah Grandpre, Voices of Hope Director, hopes that this choir will “awaken a love of music in our youngest generations.” With their weekly rehearsals, the kids will strengthen their voices, learn how to work together in musical collaboration, learn how to perform in front of an audience, and of course, have some fun!

Registration for this year is now open! Voices of Hope has its own brand-new page on Shepherd’s Grove website for more information and to register.

Clicking here will take you to the Voices of Hope Children’s Choir webpage.

5 thoughts on “Calling Young Voices: Voices of Hope Registration Now Open!

  1. Alexa says:

    I wnat my daughter to be in the choir shes in 3rd grade

  2. Dulce Halterman says:

    Hi, when are the auditions for the kids?
    If you have a list can you put my daughter name please her name is Michelle Halterman she’s 11 years old

    1. amylindow says:

      Hi Dulce! Thanks for inquiring about Voices of Hope! Feel free to email with your questions. I know they will be happy to assist you.
      Have a wonderful day. God loves you and so do we!

  3. Leah nyaguthii ndirangu says:

    Hello Sarah,l don’t understand where to find the new kids auditions.l would really like my daughter to be part of these.secondly,can any child from any part of the world join and if so where will she stay and school.Thank-you

  4. Sarah grandpre if l may ask ,can a child from any part of the world join this choir and if so how about school and a place to stay

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