“The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.”

– Psalm 34:18

My grandpa said it best, “Life’s not fair but God is good.” You have friends and family in your life are going to be there for you as you get through whatever it is you’re going through. They’re going to be there with you, and so is God, and so am I. We’re going to celebrate with you when you cross that finish line. God isn’t done with you. The greater your pain, the greater your purpose. God will never let you suffer without some ultimate reason. It’s not that God sends the suffering, but when we go through the suffering of life, He’ll always pull us through and He’ll make us stronger, better, smarter, and more joyful because of it.


Thank you, God, for always pulling me through. Thank you for the friends and family I have in my life that will celebrate with me once you get me to my breakthrough.


How has God used your pain in the past?

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2 Responses

  1. Life is fair, and God can never be good or bad, man can.

    Life is fair, because you are here and you are healthy,, no?

    Some have it bad and some have it good..

    How life is for you is just pwefwct, and beyond fair..

    This is how God created it for you.

    You know what is not fair? Our bullshit society we made is not fair.

    Instead of attacking the society we created, we leave it alone and badger people and God.

  2. I’m so sorry JWH. You sound so troubled and so angry. Whether life is good or bad in this world, it’s nothing compared to the True Life of knowing we’re loved and we’re only here for a short time anyway.

    Bobby Schuller is the ONLY person, I’ve EVER heard, who pointed out that God wouldn’t have loved us and died for us if we hadn’t been worth it. That’s a Truth that’s hidden from so many believers and it’s what we need to hear more than anything else.

    We were WORTH dying for! We have a very high value to God – the highest! Jesus didn’t suffer and die for us begrudgingly, he was excited to do it just to have US back with Him where we belong.

    I wasn’t a piece of rubbish He decided to rescue and make into something. I’m not a sinner He placed value on by virtue of noticing me, I’m the beloved of God who was stolen from Him and He has brought me back into His home – I never left His heart.
    Be cheered, you are SO loved and that’s everything.

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