Create in me a pure heart, O God,  and renew a steadfast spirit within me.”

Psalm 51:10

God wants to change your heart before He changes your circumstances. And He does want to change your circumstance — He wants to work in your business, your life, and your family, but He wants to start in your heart first. And that’s a good thing to remember. Sometimes we feel like Jesus doesn’t get what we’re saying. He saves us, but not in the way we want Him to. Instead, He does something else entirely, and that makes us angry. But, it’s always going to be good.


Dear Lord, create a place in my heart that can accept my circumstance and thrive through the challenges that my circumstance may bring.


How’s your heart?

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5 Responses

  1. Hello: I need prayer regarding my 91 yr.old sister who has dementia; after 2 1/1 years, I get discouraged; your prayers will be so appreciated. I know we can together attend Mass at the nursing home; but it is sometime difficult to get across to Dolores that I’m needing her attention in a positive way. She says no to about everything and hides things. Oh, well, I’m needing to be more patient?? you think

  2. I try to keep my heart pure and pristine . Negative thoughts and feelings do invade sometimes but. There is a remedy for that situation . It is to put your trust in God for he has the last word . It is not that easy because of what is happening in the Middle East now and also in North Korea . Must not forget China Iran and Venezuela . All we need to do is to get down on our knees and say the rosary before we go to bed . Because I believe that is the best remedy for ridding our hearts and minds of all this impurity . Technology today is so polluted with filth and garbage. So I would suggest that devout Christians set aside some time and read God’s Holy Word for honesty truth and beauty and spiritual guidance. God bless the Schuller Family

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