“…for, ‘Who has known the mind of the Lord so as to instruct him?’ But we have the mind of Christ.”

– 1 Corinthians 2:16

Change your philosophy to get the life you want. We each have ideals, standards, or beliefs that have become our personal philosophies. Your philosophy is perfectly designed to give you the results you’re getting. Yes, that may sound harsh. I’m not saying this to judge anyone. I’m saying this to encourage you. We are always tempted to blame others when we’re not quite where we want to be. Change your philosophy today. You have the power in you, through Jesus, to build any kind of life you want. He’s laid it before you, but it is easy to place the blame on others.

Nobody plays a video game and blames the dragon who’s guarding the princess by saying, there’s a dragon in my way, that is not fair. The dragon put that princess in an inaccessible and unsafe space so you can’t destroy the dragon. No, you slay the dragon. You see, this is life. And it’s hard to kill dragons, isn’t it? Dragons are scary and they’re big and they’re tough, which causes us fear. So it’s much easier to blame others, and confess that your situation is not fair at all. Do you also complain, “Don’t you care that I’m out here alone?“

Friend, you’re never too old to change your philosophy. You can take responsibility for growth by applying little changes that make a big difference. You can go around, go over, dig through, or make a new plan for unplanned interruptions or unfulfilled aspirations. Let me encourage you, God can give you new ideals, strategies, and beliefs. Through this renewed philosophy you can become all that God has created you to be!


Father, help me to change my ideals, standards, and beliefs so I can become everything you want me to be.


Where can you create a new plan for additional success? Are you blaming someone who God wants you to forgive?

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