Chase After His Kingdom

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well. Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”

– Matthew 6:33,34

Though it’s not easy, if we want to experience the fullness of God and inherit all of His beauty and riches, then we must pursue and give priority to His Kingdom and His righteousness. Contrary to how it seems, however, this doesn’t happen by running faster and trying harder. When I was in seminary and preparing to step into ministry, I had mentors who walked alongside me to warn me of the hardships of modern pastoral life. There are many things that make running a church difficult, and as I observed the stress and strain endured by a few of my fellow shepherds, I noticed that the ones who felt responsible for every outcome poured vigor into each task that rivaled the force of a firehouse. Unfortunately, giving that much energy to hundreds of different pursuits easily caused even the strongest leaders to run dry before their time. On the other hand, those who approached ministry like a fountain — bubbling up from the top and gently spilling over to the rings below — were better able to sustain their call for the long haul. I decided to adopt this method, and today, I can say with confidence that it isn’t just for pastors — it’s for everyone! All of us can benefit from remembering that when we put first things first, namely pursuing the Kingdom of God, everything else will be added to us. As we focus on seeking our Savior’s heart and giving life to His priorities, our energy will naturally overflow to those around us.

My friend, the most important call in life is to run after the Lord’s will. Though many things vie for your attention, and it can be challenging to spend time and energy seeking an invisible God, doing so is the only sure way to have success with the rest. When you put Him first in your schedule and commit to obeying His precepts while pursuing your course, He will fill your heart with Living Water that refreshes you and effortlessly trickles down to others. As you remain faithful to Jesus, He will pour out goodness, kindness, and joy enough to sustain you and spill over to everyone He places in your path.


Jesus, even when things are difficult, help me to seek you before anything or anyone else.


What are two barriers that keep you from seeking the Kingdom of God first?

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