“Walk with the wise and become wise, for a companion of fools suffers harm.”

– Proverbs 13:20

An American radio personality and financial guru, Dave Ramsey encourages people to have financial wisdom, make good investments, and have a plan. One of the findings of the “National Study of Millionaires” conducted by Ramsey Solutions was that 79% of millionaires didn’t receive any inheritance from their parents or other members of their family during their lifetime. In the comment section of the video on YouTube there was a top comment that everyone loved with thousands of thumbs up. It expounded on the fact that parents often provide for their children in the form of cars, college tuition, financing weddings, and providing all their special jobs and social connections. Everyone agreed and said yes to this form of inheritance.

When I thought about it, I felt so sorry for these people because this kind of philosophy can keep the next generation trapped. If they love comments and ideas like that, they could remain trapped. You can find many successful people in every field who started out with no privilege at all, but have gone on to accomplish so much. However, it seems that many aren’t looking for that. Many are looking for an excuse to justify their inaction.  

Friend, you have the choice in life to be resentful or to become inspired, so you never have to stay trapped. Then you have an additional choice — to keep company with those who are resentful or keep company with those who are inspired. May I give you a few words of advice? Be with people who will inspire you to become more, to do more, to fulfill the dream you were born with, to become more like Christ, to be kinder, and to be more outgoing. When you surround yourself with these types of people, you will adopt their positive traits. Your life will be changed by the company you keep.


Father, keep me in company with those who inspire me.


Do you surround yourself with people who inspire you to become more?

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