“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he: Eat and drink, saith he to thee; but his heart is not with thee.”

Proverbs 23:7 (NKJV)

It says in the Scripture in Proverbs, “As a man thinketh in his heart so is he” and it’s true. You are what you think. Good thoughts produce good fruit and bad thoughts produce bad fruit. If you focus on your thinking and keep the word of God before your mind, your circumstances will be very different. Isn’t that good news? See, very often we war against our circumstance and forget what is causing the circumstance. We battle against where we are in our life or our job. Or maybe you’re addicted, sinning, or struggling, and we are battling against the outcomes of our shortcomings. So we nurture the thoughts that produce those outcomes. You cannot nurture and plant good seeds and expect a bad harvest, nor can you nurture and care for bad seeds and expect a good harvest. 90% of the circumstances in your life are the result of your thinking.  That other 10% of your circumstance is adversity. When you have a sick kid, or cancer, or when something terrible happens in your life, this adversity was not a result of your thinking. But the only way to endure these things will be to think 100% like Jesus and not like the world. Getting through adversity with joy, perseverance, and victory is going to depend on the thoughts you keep before you.


God, help me produce good circumstance with my thoughts of your goodness. And help me accept and persevere through adverse circumstances with thoughts of you.


Have you seen your circumstances change once you changed your thoughts?

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8 Responses

  1. Hello Bobby
    I really appreciate your messsges and the godly inspired flow of spirit in them. I’m middle aged and want to be filled with the graciousness of the hour I first believed. I need to look forward in life , to live and serve god as Jesus did.

  2. Well Bobby, you are doing a g-r-e-a-t job! Fan-Tas-Tic!

    Your Grandfather would be, and is right now- very, very proud of you. I know, He was proud of me and we loved each other very much! I think of “HIM’ every day. I read from his writings, every day! I listen to HIS voice, almost every day on old tapes, and as he believed, his word is powerful, and shall last until eternity, with our help.

    I’m looking at all my beautiful, original works-of-art he gave me via the Eagles Club . These make ME even prouder now, and serve as an NLP “anchor-of-excellence” for me! “Wings like Eagles!” Hahaha, as were my very good friends, Bruce Larson and Juan & Martha Ortiz and Luis Palau, et al, I met thru your grandfather!

    I met with them all socially, here in Vegas, and there. I communicated with them personally – +your grandfather, on the 1st Sunday after 9-11!, Norman Peale, and his other diverse guests. I so looked forward to learning something n-e-w, and exciting e-v-e-r-y Sunday morning! And the music! w-o-w! Celebrating diversity! I wanted to be just like Bob Schuller! Maybe I am the 2017 version? Hmm…

    My wife, Ann Alexander, is resting on the lower West side of the former Church property. Bob sent us a letter stating that he wanted to marry us there in 1990! I remember watching him on TV on New York’s Long Island, after I returned from combat in Vietnam (’67-’68), after being UP all night! Years later, I thought to myself-“Someday I’m going to speak there!”- And, I did!

    There’s a lot more, but I have to run. My “Green Infrastructure Plan” was endorsed 10 years ago by the Texas Conference of Black Mayors. The President, “Mayor White,” yup, that’s his name! ha- wrote me a letter which is posted on my Fazebook page! Daniel Longworth, Las Vegas. NOW, they want me to come back to Houston and do it! Hmmm…. “Gods delays are NOT God’s denials!” lol Get the picture? I like your wife’s contribution too! Great job!

  3. yes I have been a bit successful trying to cope with the fact that I have breast cancer again. At first I thought God was punishing me for my sins then I turned it over in my mind to think that I have been given a chance to live a while longer because it was detected in my yearly mammogram. I don’t know exactly what my chances are but I am trying my best to be hopeful and thank God for that and for giving me a fighting chance to get well because of early detection

  4. Bobby,
    I watch Hour of Power every Sunday morning. I remember watching your grandpa back in the 70’s with my parents! My husband and I watched for several years when he was bedridden and then I watched with my mom after my husband passed. My mom was a true believer in Christ and we would talk and pray together all the time. She recently passed and had a glorious passing! She passed in her sleep with a smile on her face from saying “wonderful” all day long. I miss them both, but know that the Lord has a great future for me. Please keep me in your prayers. Thank you, Laurie Thompson

  5. I have a chronic debilitating illness. Your music and messages are a constant source of encouragement to me, and have been for years. Thank you and my prayers are continually with you.

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