“He is not here; he has risen, just as he said. Come and see the place where he lay.”

– Matthew 28:6

Happy Resurrection Day! Although you may not be celebrating with your church or family in the usual manner, now is the perfect time to invite Jesus to make every part of you come alive! We are in the midst of a dark time as we witness the continued spread of COVID-19, and all of us have been impacted by it in some way, a few of us having even experienced the ravages of the virus firsthand. Nevertheless, today offers us the opportunity to embrace the truth that through His shed blood, every cross this life inflicts has been resurrected. Our Lord took upon Himself the full spectrum of pain, loss, and heartbreak common to being human and declared His finished work before He bowed His head to die. Three days later, with no fanfare, He got up from His grave, left it sitting empty, and went on doing the work of His Kingdom. While death paid Him a visit, it couldn’t hold him down, and since He overcame, He offers us an opportunity to do the same!

My friend, Jesus is alive, and because He triumphed over the grave, He invites you to experience His resurrection power in every area of your life! No matter how dark the road or how real the pain, He has overcome it by His blood. Yes, you may walk through the valley of the shadow of death, but nothing will keep redemption from springing forth because He is with you. You are sealed by His Spirit, and He is transforming you from glory to glory, even as you encounter uncertainty. Christ has broken every chain and filled your life with a plethora of good things that you inherit by faith. Though you don’t yet see them all clearly, on the day you meet Him face-to-face, you’ll understand how fully and perfectly He has redeemed you!


Jesus, thank you for overcoming death by the power of your blood; I invite you to make every part of my life come alive.


What part of you do you need Jesus to resurrect?


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