All those the Father gives me will come to me, and whoever comes to me I will never drive away.”

John 6:37

Quite simply, when you bond with another believer, you bond with the Lord. When you experience love from another believer, you experience love from the Lord. Is our world in need of bonding, deep relationships, and friendships? Absolutely. Our world is more and more restless, today than ever before. People are showing their best and hiding their worst; everyone’s wearing a mask. Especially in a place like Orange County, California, where there’s a lot of money, fame, and pride, it’s hard not to compare yourself to people. It’s hard not to reinforce the voice of the enemy that tells you that you aren’t worthy of love and belonging.  The enemy is constantly telling you that you have to prove yourself, you have to do more, you have to look better, and you have to act better. But God says, “My beloved child, come as you are.”


Thank you, God, for claiming me as your beloved. Help me block out the voice of the enemy and to listen to you and only you.


Do you feel restless?

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  1. I seem to irritate my beloved daughter-in-law. Am not sure how, so am trying to be more aware of my words, attitudes, behaviors. Her health has become fragile, so that may be one reason. Sometimes, I notice that I feel hurt, even angry with what she says & fails to do to help herself. Come as you are devotion helps me to remember that God accepted me where I was so long ago. How can I not accept this beloved daughter-in-law where she is? I thank you, Father for my own inadequacies that you have helped me so that I can help her and love her where she is, frail & angry so she can also come as she is. Strengthen me with your all consuming love to be here for her. In Jesus’ Name

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