Competence Increases Confidence

“Such confidence we have through Christ before God. Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God.”

– 2 Corinthians 3:4,5

A common theme emerges from reading many biographies of people who are successful in business. These individuals create hugely successful companies and organizations that make hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars … only to lose it all. The result is devastation in their lives. They’re broke, their family splinters, but two years later they’re billionaires again. Can you tell me what happened here? Does luck play a role? Definitely not. These people keep trying, even when they’ve failed. And it’s also the domino effect we spoke of yesterday: The more you create by faith and bring out of the invisible into the visible, the more you create confidence in yourself. You realize God can help you achieve your calling and other goals. Competence increases confidence.

If you want to become a more confident person, you will have to learn more, grow more, practice more, and do more. In the process of going above and beyond, the more confident you will become as a result of your efforts. Faith is like this, too. It is important to keep trying, even when you fail. That’s a great paradox I talked about before; the more you fail, the more likely you are to succeed because you are a doer.

Friend, achievements can help a person grow as a human being in terms of their character. Now, it doesn’t always work that way because sometimes people get caught in the trap of whatever negativity they’re into, causing them to be stuck. In most cases, however, achievement leads to competence and increases self-confidence as a result. With God’s help as you achieve and reach greater levels of success, you just get better at accomplishing your goals overall. The more you accomplish, the more you believe. 


Father, assist me in achieving my calling and goals.


Is your character growing as a result of your achievements?

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  1. I’m 78 years young and still learning and achieving. Everyday is a new possibility!
    Thanks for your encouraging words Bobby! Some days are more difficult than others, but there’s always a new day dawning.

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