The Suffering Is Worth the Price

“Did not the Messiah have to suffer these things and then enter his glory?”

– Luke 24:26

It is often difficult for us to realize the magnitude Christ suffered on the cross. He didn’t just do it for kicks or to prove anything. It was because Christ loves you that He did it. He would give anything for you to be at peace with Him, go to heaven, and know the Lord. For you, He laid down His life. When He was on the cross, He could see the salvation that would come from the suffering, and His suffering was going to bring the salvation of the whole world. Yes, and amen! The future was drawing and pulling Him; He could see and feel it.

A mother suffers when she’s pregnant as her body is in transition for nine months. And then finally, at the end of nine months, she has the big finish where the real suffering, the delivery happens. How does a woman go through that? And the answer is — she can see a baby at the end of the finish line. She knows the suffering will be  worth the price. A medical student goes through the difficulty of medical school. They do it because they see the vision of being able to treat or help people become well. 

Friend, what do all these achievers have in common? It doesn’t matter if it’s Christ, the medical student, or the pregnant woman — they are all driven by the future. They have an idea, a reason, and a “why” that draws them. Despite the cost, they’re all willing to pay it. In your journey toward the future, ask the Lord for guidance and direction. Don’t fear paying the price, knowing that the reward will be worth it in the end!


Father, help me to stay focused on my future even as I face trials.


In your journey towards the future, are you dependent on the Lord? How often do you ask Him for help?

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