God Is on Your Side

“This is the meaning of the parable: The seed is the word of God.”

– Luke 8:11

Yesterday, I addressed each of us by saying that your biggest mountain is you. To overcome the mountain within you, continue to partner with God for greater life transformation and greater faith! As a pastor, let me tell you that God loves the mountain that is you. You are loved by God, God is for you, God is on your side, and know that not all mountains are bad. A mountain is not always a volcano, and not all mountains can destroy. But let me tell you that you are the biggest obstacle. Because we all face challenges, this isn’t something anyone wants to hear.

We will inevitably all face things that seem unfair at times. You will wonder why you had such bad luck. So many of these things happen, and you can’t change them. You can’t change the seasons, the soil, the weather, or the wind, but you can improve yourself, and that’s good news! Having seen it myself, I know you are capable of changing. Many of you have heard the principles I’ve shared and put them into practice, and your life has changed as a result. 

Friend, I wish to emphasize once again that Jesus teaches us how to change and remove the issues within us that hinder us from moving forward. According to Jesus, even a mustard seed of faith could cast this mountain into the sea. We hear “mountain,” and we hear “faith,” but here’s the word that nobody seems to catch: “seed.” Seed is the most important word. It is the seed of the Word of God that brings change to your life. In everything you do, ask God to show you scriptures and principles from the Bible that will move mountains, produce change, and facilitate your transformation.


Father, I appreciate you being by my side and facilitating my transformation.


Has someone treated you unfairly? Have you asked God for guidance in moving this mountain?

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