Life Always Finds A Way

“All by itself the soil produces grain—first the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head.”

– Mark 4:28

Over the past few days, we covered how a will to life is a will to pay the price, but it’s a good price to pay. It’s amazing to see how life always finds a way! Think about the simple act of planting a tiny seed in the ground. It gets a little wet, forms deep roots that push through all the dirt and sand, and miraculously starts shooting up towards the sky. It grows as big as it can and bears as much fruit as it can — all that is possible, and no less. Have you ever seen a tiny crack in the sidewalk with a little bit of dry dirt, and out of it comes a living plant? Some call it a weed, but I call it amazing. In the end, life just finds a way.

Even in abandoned places, you’ll see it becomes overgrown with plants and animals. Life keeps going. If you put a steel beam around a growing watermelon, it will break the steel beam with its will to live. And don’t get me started on the subject of bamboo! A friend of mine tried to chop down his bamboo, but it grew back better and stronger. He then dug a one-foot hole around it, poured plant poison, gravel, and cement over it, and guess what? That relentless bamboo grew right through the concrete! Be the bamboo. 

Friend, there is great hope for us! The purpose of Jesus’ coming was to give us salvation and an abundant life. Death gives up and quits, and it is the opposite of life. You do not have to give in to death or any of its attributes. I encourage you to embrace that life always finds a way!


Father, thank you that life always finds a way, even when it looks impossible.


Do you believe that life can emerge from the smallest seeds of hope?

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