“For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope.”

– Romans 15:4

I encouraged you yesterday to ask the Holy Spirit each day to speak to you through the Word of God, and in doing so, you will develop the spiritual muscles to listen to what He has to say. To develop these muscles you have to do the work. Here’s what the work is: Memorizing scripture. You can begin memorizing scripture and saying them out loud at home. I tell people a great one to begin with is Psalm 23, or The Lord’s Prayer, as found in Matthew Chapter 6. You can say the scriptures out loud while you’re waiting for the bus, having coffee, or at the DMV. You will see that the scriptures will start to get ingrained in your thoughts. Your mind will be transformed into what I call a Biblical mind; you’ll just begin to think biblically!

As you memorize scripture, also speak with a quiet heart, saying, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening.” This is actually an ancient prayer, according to 1 Samuel Chapter 3. In response to your request, “Speak Lord, your servant is listening,” the Lord will speak to you. Are you aware that God doesn’t speak English when He speaks? It is not English or Hebrew, and it’s not any of the many languages we think of. God’s language is knowledge. I would describe it as a moment of intuitive understanding or an insight that comes to you suddenly.

Friend, as soon as God speaks to you, it is like an epiphany and it leaves a mark on your heart that you cannot forget. Putting in the effort like studying your Bible and listening to God will be rewarded with encouragement and hope.


Father, help me memorize scriptures and listen to your voice.


Have you experienced moments of intuitive understanding or insight from the Lord?

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6 Responses

  1. i will try to read the Bible. It has been a problem. My mind gets blocked like i wrote. Something brought the Bible to mind last night.Must have been Satan. Thank You for the help. Your brother in Christ hopefully. Tom

  2. Satan speaks to me in my mind. mostly in the past four years. i have been going through punishment. He says i am being punished. i do not know why. could be things i said on the c b radio 1975. that is what is going on in my mind. loss of touch with God.

  3. Satan has been in me through a visitation 1976. also there was a black god. being punished for things i said about people 1975 c b radio. thought The Lord had put things to mind then. maybe i am wrong about that. God had saved my life from death.converted i thought. 1971 Vietnam.

  4. i tried to read the Bible some days ago my mind got totally blocked like i said a few days ago. i have tried in recent years to read the Bible. i read the devotional you sent me everyday. if i miss reading it for a few days i catch up. i do not remember the scripture but it does help at the moment a little. but not much. Satan is blocking. He has got me believing the Bible is not the authentic word of God. i think it has been tampered with contradictions to throw readers off. do not believe the Bible anymore. do not believe in Jesus anymore. see my problem. i am trying to believe. belief is not enough i need to know for certain Jesus is The Christ who came here to give salvation and abundant life.Satan has been working on me intensely. not just remembering things. he has been out to discourage me. fear of death. i will end up in some kind of hell with my daughter.

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