Cultivating Christlikeness in Secret Depths of Your Heart

“The faithless will be fully repaid for their ways, and the good rewarded for theirs.”

– Proverbs 14:14

Today, I want to begin by asking you a question — What do you want in life? If you and I were sitting by a lake together, pensively staring at the water, and I looked at you and asked that question, what would you say? Would you say money? Maybe. Would you say glory? Maybe. However, I think that given enough time to think and ponder, you would say something to the effect of you want to live a life that matters and you want to belong. The good news I have for you is that these things are your life and reward in the Kingdom of God!

When we talk about the power that comes from having a deep and private walk with God, these gifts — purpose, peace, and passion — are a natural result. On the contrary, when you lead with an eye toward pleasing people and earning the highest approval, you will never reach your full potential (and you have a lot of it)! You can’t live to oblige others and still be full of joy and happiness. In fact, you have to say no sometimes because you are human, and the fragility of your flesh means that you will inevitably have seasons of pain and vulnerability. In those times, you will not be able to be super-spiritual because you will be too weak, and to pretend you are strong would be dishonest. We all have broken hearts from time-to-time; all of us weep, all of us suffer and all of us get caught up in things we don’t need to get caught up in. The key in these moments is to keep your connection with Jesus strong. In the secret and quiet places of your heart, don’t forsake calling out to Him and giving him everything, even if it’s just the crumbs you have left. This is where you inherit rich and deep abundant life and are transformed into His image.

Friend, secrecy is a gift because it enables you to receive the full reward of Christlikeness. When you give up pretending to be strong when you’re dying on the inside, you step into the security that comes from knowing that Jesus sees you, cares for you, and loves you just the same on your good days as your bad. When you call out to Him with whatever measure of faith you have, your secret cries are heard and he uses both your triumphs and tragedies to make you more like Him. As you trust Him regardless of external circumstances, you embrace His stability and He cultivates within you a fullness of joy and peace that can only come through intimacy with Him. Isn’t that great news?


Jesus, I want to cultivate intimacy and secrecy in my walk with you so that even hard times draw me closer to your heart.


What does cultivating secrecy in your relationship with God mean to you?

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