“The Lord has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes. The Lord has done it this very day; let us rejoice today and be glad. Lord, save us! Lord, grant us success!”

– Psalm 118:23-25

In grade school, I discovered the power of zero, but thankfully, we don’t have to experience it as Christians. Let me explain. Zero is a powerful number. Take any number you can think of; multiply it times zero, and the answer is zero. A valuable lesson I learned in school was the day I turned in four assignments and one of them was graded a zero. For the first three assignments, I received A’s. The fourth one was a zero because somehow I forgot to turn it in. And what does that make the total grade for my class? The answer is a D. You get A, A, A, and one zero turns all that hard work into a D. What does this mean for you? Even though you may experience some zero days, thankfully, with some positivity and God’s help, we don’t have to let zero days turn into zero weeks, months, and years!

Can you imagine creating for yourself a good day? As I shared yesterday, what if you started your day with your long-term goals in mind and your short-term goals of how you will accomplish them? Add a cup of coffee, the Bible, and prayer, and by the end of that day, you reflect, “Wow, that was a good day!” Now do that continuously, and you’ll say, “That was a good week, a good month, and a good year.” 

Friend, because you’re designing your life, let’s be full of personal development, new relationships, closeness to God, achieved goals, dreams, and a healthier lifestyle. It’s yours to design. No one’s stopping you!


Father, show me your design for my life and help me develop new personal goals.


Are you ready for new relationships? How can you see this as a positive goal?

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