Desire vs. Expectation

“It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.”

– Galatians 5:1

Any discussion about holding our dreams loosely must include a dialogue about expectations. In all of the crafting and making we do in our lives, it’s important that we don’t pin our hopes and dreams on others. While we can expect the Lord to act according to His promises, it’s best to minimize our expectations of people and focus on taking ownership of the things we control. You see, I believe we often confuse expectations with desire. While it’s good to have desires (and I for one am a very driven person with lots of big dreams and ideas), it’s wrong to expect that someone else is going to make them happen. Unfortunately, these kinds of unreasonable expectations are very common in marriages or other close relationships. For instance, if a wife decides to help out with a particular household chore on one occasion because her husband expresses a desire that she do so, that’s fine. But if she continues doing it, there’s a danger that it will become an expectation on his part, and if she decides not to do it one day, she’ll be getting asked why she didn’t. I believe this is unfair and unkind, because other people, even those closest to us, are not responsible for making things right in our lives or in our environments.

My friend, in a world climate that is plagued by finger-pointing and fear, you are an ambassador for the freedom of people. When things are uncertain, you are nurturing your dreams, but you are not expecting others to make your life better. You are a Spirit-filled, selfless, and loving person who walks in humility, and you are ready to extend grace to those around you. You treasure the freedom and dignity of each individual and you want to see everyone walking in their God-given purpose. While many posture for control, you are a life-giving presence who delights in personal liberty, and I am very proud of you.


Jesus, thank you for putting desires in my heart, but help me not to expect anyone else to make them happen.


Who do you expect the most from in your life? How can you set them free from the burden of fulfilling your desires?


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