“But Jesus immediately said to them: ‘Take courage! It is I. Don’t be afraid.’” 

– Matthew 14:27

Being a disciple means having courage. It doesn’t mean you’re fearless; it just means you’re going to be scared a lot while you choose to go in the direction of the thing that scares you. God will call you to do scary things, but you will be brave and have the victory. Courage begins with a single step. Being courageous in a scary world is the only way to live. However, society gives you the opposite message. Society wants you to be safe all the time. Society is constantly telling you to be afraid of this, be afraid of the news, politicians, your next door neighbor, or some folks at church. This is not the way to live. Yes, we want to be safe sometimes, and we always want to be wise, but think about the last time you did something courageous. You probably felt more alive in that moment than you ever did when you did something safe. Even if it was stupid, you still felt alive!



God, help me take delight in the scary things of life. You are on my side. With you, I will not fall. Give me courage.


What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever done?

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