Do Things That Require Courage

“For the Spirit God gave us does not make us timid, but gives us power, love and self-discipline.”

– 2 Timothy 1:7

I remember as a teenager the necessity to walk in courage and boldness. I also recall how hard it was when I started attending a new high school because it felt like everyone already established their friend groups. To top it off, going up to someone and saying, “Do you know Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior?” doesn’t make you very popular. Regardless, I still practiced telling my peers about Jesus many times, even though socially it made me nervous. 

I recall not knowing anybody, yet being so excited to be invited to a party. However, this was one of those parties that included drugs, drinking, and people sleeping in rooms together, so I was super uncomfortable. As a Christian, I felt I had to pray for and share my faith with this one girl there. I reached out to her and by this act of courage, her life was totally transformed. It was so scary for me, but it was a sacrifice I had to make. 

Friend, maybe there’s something in your life you’re supposed to do, whether it’s walking away from an addiction, or turning off your phone. Perhaps it’s reconciling with someone who hurt you or somebody you hurt. That’s even harder to reconcile with somebody that YOU hurt. It’s not easy.

God calls us to assignments that are a core part of being a believer. It may be uncomfortable, but first know that God loves you, God is on your side, and God is for you. And let me tell you, when He calls us to take actions that require a lot of courage, do it! Do it with all your heart. Be willing to pay the price, and give it everything you’ve got, and watch as God blesses that sacrifice.


Father, help me to take actions that require courage. Thank you for the lives I will change.


What assignments requiring courage is God calling you to? Whose lives will be transformed?

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  1. Hello Hour of Power Family, it is always a pleasure to reach out to you because I know that you hear me and understand me in and through my need. Thank you again for standing for what is right and good. I can always count you to do that for me. Thank you Pastor Bobby for continuing to preach truth and love. In Jesus name Richard Ken Howell

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